Jordan and Harrison

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.......

A smuggler who captained the millennium falcon had fallen deeply in love with a princess from planet alderaan. No this isn’t the start of a Star Wars scene, this is the story of how Harrison Ison proposed to his fiancé Jordan Mcintosh. On a picturesque morning at Dudley bluff, Harry got down on one knee and asked Jordan to take his hand in marriage and become a rebel scum with him until death do they part. So in all we would love for you to take part and celebrate in our marriage come next October in Crescent Head.

Save The Date

Save The Date

For the Wedding of Harrison and Jordan
Saturday, 17th October 2020
Rancho Relaxo Resort Crescent Head NSW
Formal Invitation to Follow


Crescent Head Accommodation

Crescent Head has many great places to stay for our Wedding Weekend

Crescent Head Holiday Park

Airbnb Crescent Head

The Med Crescent Head

Crescent Head Resort and Conference

Racecourse Beach National Park

Many more to be found on the internet

A bus will be made available for pick up and drop off for those staying at Crescent Head.
Details to be confirmed on formal Invite.

JoAnn Jinks